Relaxation & Good Food

Fundamental to your experience of the Active Retreat is the food.

We hire specialist chefs to create fantastic food for us – you won’t need to cook at all!

We provide a daily breakfast and five evening meals – one of which is a sociable BBQ on site. The BBQ is always a bit of a highlight because it’s a chance to have a social meal at a relaxed pace.

Our menu is carefully planned alongside the chefs to ensure we are eating the right food at the right time. It’s all freshly cooked using the best ingredients.

We have two evenings where we are free to head to one of the many local restaurants – there is some amazing food on the island, so feel free to explore and find something fantastic!

We keep two evenings in the week uncatered and totally free so that guests can head into one of the local towns and explore – there is some amazing food on the island so we want to let you loose to enjoy it!