[retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Mark H, Stockport” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”Usually I come home from holiday really tired, but I actually feel awesome, not tired, not stressed, just really alive and full of energy! It feels really odd (in a good way!) I just wish I didn’t have to go work now! I’ll be back on the Active Retreat for sure!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Sue, Amsterdam” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”I’ve done other active holidays before so I thought I knew what to expect, but you guys blew me away! There was so much variety and I had so much fun trying new sports – I’d never been surfing before but now I’m a total convert!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Jana, Prague” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”Thanks to the Active Retreat, for the first time in my life I’ve come home from holiday lighter than I was when I went out there! Amazing! Thanks guys!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Laura, Cork” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”I was worried that the Active Retreat would be full of super-fit athletes, but I was happy to see they are just normal people like me! It’s great to go on holiday with like minded people. It didn’t matter that I was on my own – everyone is so friendly that we became a group on the first night!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Paul, Bristol” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”I was really impressed with everything – the villa is great, the activities and teachers were superb, the food delightful. I’d even imagined Fuerteventura to be quite ugly, but it’s gorgeous – the beaches in particular are stunning! The sun certainly helped break up the gloomy British winter too!”]
[retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Louise C, Manchester” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”Just got home and wanted to say a personal thank you to you. I had a truly amazing time and surprised myself and it’s all down to you. Feeling a bit emotional actually! Thanks for looking after us and driving us around – can’t wait to come again!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Carl, London” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”My job can be quite stressful, so the Active Retreat was just what I needed – a holiday where I could exercise, be healthy and forget all about work. It’s the right mix of exercise and rest. It was the perfect week off!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Sophie, Sydney” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”I can honesty say, I’ve never had so much fun on a holiday in my life! Great people, great activities and great food! I’ve made friends for life on the Active Retreat!”][retreat_experts_review_page experts_image_ids=”5″ experts_name=”Mike, Exeter” experts_designation=”(guest)” experts_description=”I was a bit nervous about the amount of exercise on the timetable before I came, but the balance is perfect – there’s so much time to rest that I felt refreshed! You can work at your own pace and duck out of classes if you don’t feel like it! I thought I’d have to miss sessions, but I didn’t miss anything!”]