adults only fitness holiday Fuerteventura

Adults Only Fitness Holiday Fuerteventura

Adults only holiday in Fuerteventura

If you’re looking for an adults only holiday in Fuerteventura, we could be the answer to your prayers!

At the Active Retreat we offer an adults only holiday in Fuerteventura for men and women who are looking for something a bit different – a bit more exciting, a bit more adventurous, a bit more active.

Our idea of a stress free, relaxing holiday isn’t one where you’re surrounded by thousands of screaming children in a high-rise hotel. On the Active Retreat you stay in a private villa on the outskirts of a small surf town in Fuerteventura. We’re a short walk from the village centre, but far enough a way that light and sound pollution aren’t an issue.

fitness holiday villa in Fuerteventura

Our villa is bright, clean and spacious. We’re not 7* luxury, but we are a perfect place for a fitness holiday in Fuerteventura. We’re close to all of the surfing beaches, we have a gym area on site, we’re down the road from our dedicated yoga space and have all the amenities you need in the local village.

On site, our garden has a small pool which is ideal for cooling down after the workouts. We’ve also got a selection of sun loungers and hammocks, so you can relax in the garden all day long if you like – and many of our guests do!

fitness holiday villa in Fuerteventura

Being an adults only holiday in Fuerteventura means we can relax the pace of the day. New for 2019 is a brunch, so it means we start our days at a much more leisurely pace. Our guests can enjoy a lie in and the morning fitness class has been pushed back slightly. It’s all part of our stress-free philosophy.

Adults Only Holiday – Deeper Relaxation

On the Active Retreat, a key aim for us is for you to enjoy a complete physical and mental recharge. Our guests arrive with us tired, stressed and not feeling their best. We give them the opportunity to do all that is good for them – exercise, eat great food, rest and recover. All of those are so much easier to offer if it’s an adult only holiday.

The holiday activities themselves aren’t especially suitable for children, which is why we operate a strict adults only holiday policy. Our bike ride is over 40km. We surf, stand up paddle board and use the gym on multiple occasions. We sprint up sand dune hills. All of these activities are a stretch too far for many kids.

Once all of the fitness work is done, then we relax with a drink or two – again, not a child-friendly activity!

adults only holiday in Fuerteventura
A 42.5km off-road bike ride isn’t really possible with kids!

Fitness Holidays in Fuerteventura – The Perfect Location

With the abundance of beaches, the local bars and restaurants, the wide variety of health and fitness activities and the general feel-good factor of being on a sunny island surrounded by the ocean makes Fuerteventura the PERFECT place for an adults only fitness holiday.

adults only holiday in Fuerteventura

At the Active Retreat we stress that the holiday has a health and fitness base, but we don’t stop you from having a drink if you like. It’s your holiday – if you fancy having a few drinks, go right ahead. We organise a couple of nights out during the week, plus we make sure there’s a big BBQ to enjoy at the end, as a way to sign off yet another great week!

With amazing food, friendly locals, fun bars (it can’t all be exercise!) and great company, we’re the adults only holiday in Fuerteventura you’ve been looking for!

Come along and visit us – you’ll totally agree!

Fuerteventura fitness holiday, adults only holiday in Fuerteventura

How To Book Your Adults Holiday in Fuerteventura

If the Active Retreat sounds like your kind of holiday, get in touch with us via email or on the phone 07866361964. We can organise your booking from there and tell you more about the holiday itself.

For more information on the villa or pricing, click here. If you have any other questions, take a look at our FAQ page to see if we’ve already answered it – we cover a lot in there.

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