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These Active Retreat Principles Govern How We Build Your Holiday…

At the Active Retreat we realise there are certain things guests are looking for on holiday. Whether it’s an adventure, activity, relaxation, sunshine, food etc, we build our holiday offering based on a number of factors.

Here are the principles that we use to help us design each and every Active Retreat week…

Our Guests Enjoy a Stress Free Week

First and foremost, you’re probably taking a holiday to give yourself a break from the stress of everyday life. At the Active Retreat, giving our guests a stress-free week is the most important thing to us.

Active Retreat
It’s hard to be stressed when you’re looking at this…

We pick you up from the airport, so you’ve got no stress when it comes to finding your way to us.

We take you to every activity, so you’ve got no travel worries when you’re at the Active Retreat either.

We feed you every breakfast and five evening meals, so you’ve got no stress when it comes to cooking. For lunch, we usually grab something when we’re out and about. The village where the villa is situated has some fantastic cafes too, so there’s options there.

Our villa has plenty of hammocks, sun loungers and places to relax. You’ve got no obligation to do anything as a group, so if you want time on your own, that’s fine!

It’s important to us that you enjoy a stress free week.

Our Guests Enjoy a Physical Recharge

On the Active Retreat we give you the option to train as hard or as easy as you like. There’s benefit in both. If you want to use the Active Retreat as a week of intense training, our sessions are scalable to be as tough as you like. We cover all modalities – strength training, HIIT training, traditional cardio, flexibility work and yoga.

Active Retreat
It’s not all hard work – we do plenty of relaxing yoga too!

You’ll have plenty of free time so you can rest and recover in between sessions.

Likewise, if you want to do some regular exercise but are hardly pushing for an olympic medal, you can do as much or as little as you like. You can miss sessions if you want to, or use lighter weights in others. There’s no pressure from us, it’s your holiday.

Our Guests Enjoy a Mental Recharge

By taking you out of your stressful environment, we’re hoping that you enjoy a complete mental break where you can forget about your responsibilities and stresses.

Our holidays always attract like-minded people, who like to exercise, who like to eat well and who like to have fun. It’s amazing how restorative these things can be.

Active Retreat
The Active Retreat guests at the top of Calderon Hondo

We also like to be outside in the fresh air. The combination of fresh air, exercise, great food, relaxing yoga and deep sleep that is uninterrupted by light pollution and noise pollution does absolute wonders for the soul.

Forget about work, about break ups, about to-do lists, about deadlines. Read the book you’ve been wanting to for ages, meet new friends and laugh a lot. Enjoy new experiences on the Active Retreat.

Our Guests Enjoy Exercise Variety

One of the most important principles of all to us is the exercise variety that we enjoy. There are millions of yoga retreats, walking retreats, cycling retreats, but there are very few ACTIVE RETREATS!

We mix our activities, because who wants to do the same thing every day?!

Active Retreat
Stand Up Paddleboarding on Isla de Lobos

On the Active Retreat you’ll do circuit classes, dune sprints, yoga, Pilates, cycling, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, walking and if you want to, sea swimming with tropical fish on the beach.

We like to mix our activities and exercises – that’s why we can truly call ourselves the Active Retreat!

Our Guests Enjoy Great Food

Food is so important to us as hosts. We want to make sure that we strike the right balance between healthy and tasty. Nobody comes on the Active Retreat to be fed nothing but salads – we wouldn’t want that and we’re pretty sure you wouldn’t either!

Active Retreat
Mexican night at the Active Retreat!

We devise a menu that feeds us well in a tasty but healthy way. We eat a lot of vegetables and salads, but also ensure we get plenty of protein with meat and/or fish featuring. The food is served in a ‘help yourself’ manner, so you can eat as much or as little as you like.

Our food is a real highlight of the trip and we round the week off with a great BBQ cooked on site! It’s the perfect way to round off a fantastic week!

Our Guests Have Fun!

Finally, holidays should be about FUN! That’s so important to us at the Active Retreat that we make it a fundamental core principle. If a holiday isn’t fun, it’s not worth going on.

We have fun by giving like-minded people the opportunity to spend a stress-free week in the sun, where they can exercise, eat well and relax.

Active Retreat
Hannah and Vicki enjoying their surf lesson on the Active Retreat!

Oh, and we have a few sociable drinks, a fun quiz, a couple of nights out and plenty of new experiences for good measure. Add it all up and the Active Retreat is an amazing holiday that guests will remember forever. There’s a reason why so many of our guests come back time and again!

Want to Come on the Active Retreat?

If you’ve decided that you want a holiday where you exercise, eat well, relax plenty and enjoy a complete physical and mental recharge, then get in touch!

We’re available for a chat on or 07866361964

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