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If you’re after a solo travel fitness holiday, look no further – the Active Retreat is PERFECT for you!

Our fitness holiday is really popular with solo travellers – since we started offering fitness holidays in Europe in 2016, over 75% of our guests have been solo travellers, which is a remarkable statistic.

We see that as a testament to the friendly fitness holiday we offer, the vibe we create and the fantastic, friendly guests we attract. You’ve nothing to be nervous about when you book the Active Retreat as your fitness holiday!

We pride ourselves on being open and inclusive to anyone who is interested in the kind of holiday we have to offer. If you want to visit us as a solo traveller or as a large group, we can accommodate you.

Fitness Holiday Fuerteventura

What Makes the Active Retreat Perfect for Solo Travellers?

First of all we offer a variety of rooms, so whether you are on a budget or can afford a little more luxury, we have the ideal room for you.

We never mix the sexes (unless you book a couples room), so you are safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to share with a stranger of the opposite sex. It may sound obvious, but it’s important to point out to solo travellers!

Our activities are all set up for individuals, so you don’t need to come as a pair. Surfing, cycling, yoga, circuit training etc aren’t team sports, so you’re not at a disadvantage if you’re on your own!

When you come to the Active Retreat as a solo traveller, you’re bound to meet new, like-minded friends. As a holiday, the Active Retreat is quite niche and as a result, attracts a certain type of person.

If your idea of a holiday is a drop and flop, where you lie by a pool and drink the all-inclusive lager from breakfast til night time then the Active Retreat just isn’t for you. There’s a time and a place for boozing, but nobody wants to do a bike ride or a yoga class with a hangover from hell!

The Active Retreat Villa – Solo Traveller Friendly!

Where we host the Active Retreat is perfectly set up for the solo traveller. As mentioned earlier in the post, we can offer a shared room or a solo room for you depending on budget, but even if you opt for a solo room yet still like to mix with other guests, you can do so easily – we have a large communal space in the living room. In fact on the last retreat, we even did a movie night in there!

solo travel fitness holiday

The garden is great for hangout out together too – there is a mixture of sun loungers, hammocks, decking space and a pool. You can relax and chill out to your hearts content. Get lost in a book, have a nap or a natter – do what you like!

Take a look at the images of the villa gardens below – I think you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s perfect for solo travellers! You don’t need to have company in order to chill out here…

solo travel
fitness retreat pool
The Active Retreat

Stress Free Solo Fitness Travel

We’ve done travelling ourselves, so we know how stressful it can be – when it’s all down to you to make sure you’re at the right place, at the right time, whether or not you’re going in the right direction etc, so we take that worry and stress away from you.

On the Active Retreat we take the stress out of travelling for you. As a solo travel fitness holiday, you’ll be more relaxed than if you went to an all-inclusive! Here’s why…

  • We collect you from the airport
  • We take you to and from every activity you do with us
  • We feed you brunch every day and 5 evening meals
  • We know our way around the island, so transport you everywhere
  • We’re on hand to answer any of your questions
  • When the holiday is over, we take you back to the airport!

Our whole approach is to give you a complete physical and mental recharge. That starts with removing your stresses – you won’t have to worry about a thing when you are with us on the Active Retreat.

solo travel fitness holiday

If you’re looking for a solo travel fitness holiday, you won’t find anything better than the Active Retreat.

And that’s a promise.

If you’d like more information on the Active Retreat, call us on 07866361964 or email us on We’ll answer any of your questions and give you all the information about the holiday that you’ll ever need!

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