fitness holidays in the canary islands

Thinking of a Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands?

If you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, why not try a fitness holiday in the Canary Islands?

The Active Retreat is a specialist health and fitness retreat based in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Our guests enjoy a week in a private villa, enjoying a wide variety of health and fitness activities throughout their time with us.

Alongside the activities, we provide a daily breakfast (freshly prepared) and five evening meals. On the other evening meals we head out to one of the local restaurants to enjoy some local Canary Islands cuisine!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands
Yes – that’s alcohol we’re drinking! This is a holiday, not a prison!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands

The fantastic thing about the Canary Islands is that we have the perfect climate for a fitness holiday. This year (2019), there will be two Active Retreat weeks, 26th October – 2nd November and 2nd November – 9th November). We will be expecting temperatures of around 25 degrees with little or no rain.

We purposely pick weeks at the start and the end of the winter – it’s a chance for our guests to enjoy some winter sun, plus it’s ideal physical preparation for the season ahead! A nice little break pre-Christmas is the perfect opportunity to relax, eat healthy food, enjoy the winter sun, exercise and sleep well. It’s like a reset button before the onslaught that is December!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands

Our fitness holiday in the Canary Islands comes at the perfect time to break up your winter. By the time the next Active Retreat comes around, there’s a good chance you’ll be fed up of the dark nights and the cold winters at home. Why not jet off for some sun, great food, relaxation and exercise?!

Fitness Holiday out of School Holidays

At the Active Retreat we are an adults only holiday, but we don’t think that parents or teachers should be punished because they can only holiday at certain times of the year.

With that in mind, the Active Retreat offers a week in the school holiday and a week out of holidays. What’s even better is that we keep the price exactly the same – there’s no ‘holiday tax’ from our end! We don’t like having to pay a premium for something we can’t avoid, so we don’t inflict it on others.

Canary Islands Fitness Holidays – Nature is Our Gym!

On the Active Retreat we believe in exercising outside where possible. We can train indoors at home, but if you have the sunshine and some incredible scenery all around, why spend time indoors?!

We design the fitness classes to take advantage of the nature we’re surrounded with on the Canary Islands. Whether it’s dune sprints in the Corralejo sand dunes, surfing at one of the hundreds of amazing beaches, cycling the Fuerteventura north shore or doing the circuit training at the villa, we’re outside wherever possible!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands
Active Retreat guests surfing at El Cotillo, December 2018

We like to immerse ourselves in the outdoors because it’s the perfect antidote to spending so long indoors at home. With the Canary Islands temperature and the breathtaking beauty of their beaches and scenery, it’d be a crime for us to not get out in it!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands
Active Retreat guests at the top of a sand dune in the Corralejo dunes!

Fitness Holiday… AND Relaxation in the Canary Islands

This is the bit that often surprises the Active Retreat guests. How can we promise both a lot of exercise AND relaxation in the same holiday? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Nope! A typical day at the Active Retreat is like this…

We start with a class, then we have breakfast. After that, the day is yours to do with as you please. You can relax in your room, in a hammock on site, head to the beach, head to town. It’s completely up to you!

In the evening, we have another class and then our evening meal. Once we’ve eaten, again the evening is yours to do as you please – some like to have a couple of drinks locally, others like to read, some like an early night. It’s up to you!

Our classes are voluntary. If you want to give a class a miss, that’s absolutely fine. You don’t have to explain yourself to us!

Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands
Sometimes a beer in a hammock is all you need…

I’m Interested in a Fitness Holiday in the Canary Islands! Tell Me More!

We like to be in contact with our guests before they book – either on the phone of via email. On email, we can be reached at and on the phone we can be called on 07866361964.

The Active Retreat is an amazing experience. Check out some more images of previous fitness holidays in the Canary Islands in our Instagram gallery.

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