Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura

Enjoy a Healthy Holiday In Fuerteventura

At the Active Retreat, we specialise in a different kind of holiday – one where you can switch off from the drudgery of daily like and dive into a world of activity, adventure, new experiences and enjoyment. We want you to turn off stress and turn on LIFE!

A picture paints a thousand words, so start by looking at our site – THIS is what a healthy holiday in Fuerteventura with the Active Retreat looks like…

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura

Active Retreat Holidays Are Inexpensive

Our holidays are outside of school holidays, so we can keep our prices competitive, without compromising on value. With cheaper flights, quieter times of the year and natural fluctuations in the tourist cycle, we can negotiate better deals with our partner companies – these savings get passed on to you!

We challenge you to find a cheaper retreat that offers the same package. We’ll wait….

A Healthy Holiday in the SUN!

Our retreats held twice per year – one in the Spring and late Autumn. This isn’t an accident, it’s experience and careful planning!

In Fuerteventura during the peak season it can be incredibly hot – easily over 40 degrees. Temperatures like that make it a nightmare to exercise in, so we choose to avoid peak season.

Our average temperature over the last few years has been around 28 degrees during the peak sun, but around 21 degrees when we are exercising in the mornings – perfect!

Give Yourself a Winter Boost

This year, the late Active Retreat is being held from the 24th of November to the 1st of December, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get a little winter sun on your skin.

During the grey days of the winter, there are few things nicer than experiencing the warmth of the sun – it’s also great to head home with a natural tan and a bunch of great memories!

When it’s cold, dark and wet at home, imagine spending a week waking up at a leisurely time, enjoying some morning exercise followed by a healthy breakfast, then spending a day on the beach, before returning for more exercise and a chef-prepared evening meal.

Sounds tempting…

Pre-Christmas Health Prep

There’s a reason why so many people feel awful in the run up to Christmas – they usually drink more, eat more, stay up late going to parties and generally don’t look after themselves as much as they should.

Why not use the Active Retreat as the perfect pre-Christmas prep? Spend a week eating healthy foods, sleeping well, topping up your vitamin D levels, exercising and relaxing, making you as healthy as possible before the Christmas party season?

A little treat for your body before Christmas festivities take their toll!

Holiday With Like-Minded People

Holidays are always more fun when you make new friends. On the Active Retreat you will be spending time with people just like you – interested in lots of the same things, share the same outlook and generally love life.

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura

On previous Active Retreats guests have become friends for life. They met on holiday but kept in touch when they got back home. We’re responsible for new friendships being made during every holiday!

Think of us like a fitness-friendship matchmaking service!

Have the Healthy Holiday YOU Want

First and foremost, the Active Retreat is YOUR holiday. If you don’t fancy doing one of the classes or activities, you don’t have to – nobody is going to come beating down your door.

If you don’t fancy the beach or would prefer to do something else, that’s fine! It’s your holiday, you choose how you spend your time.

It’s a retreat. Make it what you want it to be.

Have a Holiday Where You LOSE Weight!

I’ve been a personal trainer for 14 years. During that time, I’ve seen hundreds of people who have gone on holiday and come home feeling like crap – they’ve eaten and drunk more than usual and by the time they return home they’ve gained weight and feel worse than they did before they went away.

Not on the Active Retreat!

Our weeks aren’t specialist weight loss weeks, but if you want to lose weight on holiday, we’ll teach you how to! Our record weight loss in one week is 10lbs. More importantly, it was done in a perfectly healthy way.

The Active Retreat is a blend of healthy food, fitness, relaxation, living life outdoors and enjoying great company. It’s impossible to leave an Active Retreat holiday feeling anything but fantastic!

You’ll return home feeling re-energised, enthusiastic, full of vitality and ready to go, not feeling like you’re the size of a house and have some serious damage to undo in the gym when you get home!

If you’re interested in looking at the accommodation we offer on the Active Retreat, click here.

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