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Want a Healthy Holiday in Fuerteventura? You Should Choose Us…

The healthy holiday market is growing all the time – more and more people want more than just the traditional ‘drop and flop’ break. We don’t blame them either! A holiday can be so much more than crap food and sunburn.

We work longer hours than ever and our holidays need to be restorative. They need to feel like a true break from the norm and a chance to mentally and physically refresh.

Some people take a break by lying down all day, drinking too much booze and eating a load of badly cooked food. They think they’re resting, but in reality they are heading back home having gained a load of weight and feeling pretty crappy about themselves.

Not our guests!

Before we go on, we need to get one thing straight. We’re a healthy holiday – not a prison!

There’s no bans on booze and fun foods here! They’re just balanced, that’s all! A healthy holiday isn’t a brutal regime of 6am wake ups and 10 mile runs every day!

It’s a way to exercise, eat well and rest well, giving you a complete physical and mental recharge.

healthy holiday

We want you to head home feeling great – mentally and physically refreshed. We want you to look back on your week on the Active Retreat with great memories of an amazing healthy holiday!

So, on to the point of the article – why you should choose us for your healthy holiday in Fuerteventura…

We Have Highly Qualified Staff

When it comes to our staff, we don’t mess around. Every single person who teaches you on the retreat is highly qualified. If they weren’t, we just wouldn’t used them – it’s as simple as that.

Steve has been a personal trainer for 14 years. He has his exercise science degree, British Weightlifting qualifications, Kettlebell qualifications and a whole load of others.

Tom at the surf school has been teaching surfing for 12 years. He was one of the first surf schools on the Island and has taught literally thousands of surf lessons.

Our yoga teachers have spent time in India training, they make their full time living teaching yoga. They are specialists in various forms of the ancient art.

Our bikes come from specialist bike hire shops. We take a safe and guided route around the island and stick together.

Our Stand Up Paddleboarding instructors are second to none. They have run their water sports school from Flag beach, Corralejo for 20 years!

I suppose the point is, we aren’t enthusiastic amateurs. We are professional, we use other professionals and make sure we leave no stone unturned.  We aren’t here to offer a sub-standard experience and our teachers are picked to reflect that!

Our Retreats are in a Great location

 What can I say about Fuerteventura?

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura

Take year-round sun, some of the best beaches in the world, consistent surf, a great gym on our doorstep, volcanoes to explore, fantastic local food, friendly people, a wonderful villa, quiet roads, fresh air, no noise and light pollution and that’s a few reasons why we picked there.

Then there’s the villa…

healthy holiday healthy holiday healthy holiday healthy holiday healthy holiday healthy holiday

It’s the perfect size. It has relaxed décor and a nice outdoor area for exercise. There’s plenty of outside space, a small pool to take a cooling dip. It’s got a TV and DVD player if you fancy kicking back.

We’re a short walk from local bars and tapas places. There are a few shops and cafes, but it’s not loud and there’s no light pollution. You can sleep deeply and peacefully in the villa. It’s an escape – our aim is for you to have an amazing, restorative holiday. You’ll exercise, you’ll eat well, you’ll sleep well.


Simon and I are fully signed up gluttons! For us, the food is integral to the experience. We had various options, but went for the very best – we have a professional chef company who prep our food and bring it directly to site, finishing off the cooking process in the villa so it’s hot and fresh.

All of the ingredients used are seasonal, fresh and healthy. There’s no disappointing stale bread and overcooked foods here, only the very best!

Our Local knowledge of Fuerteventura

We’ve been running fitness retreats in Fuerteventura since 2015.  In the early days, we learned more and more each time. We’ve stayed on the island more than 20 times between us, so we know the place well!

We know the best spots in town, the best beaches, where to get great food, the nicest spots to hang out, the quieter beaches and the short cuts around places. It’s handy info to have, which means…

You’ll Have a Stress Free Holiday!

At the Active Retreat, we offer a level of service that goes way beyond our price point. It’s all part of making sure you’re stress free and relaxed while you’re here with us!

Worried about airport transfers? Don’t – we’re picking you up!
Worried about getting to the activities? Don’t – we’ve sorted it!
Worried about the equipment you need? Don’t – we’ve taken care of it!
Worried you won’t know your way around? Don’t be – we’ll know!

Just bring yourself, your clothes and plenty of enthusiasm!

The Widest Variety of Activities in Any Retreat

During market research for the Active Retreat, we looked at lots of different types of active holiday, to see what we were up against. Frankly, we were amazed at how poor the offering was. What we found was…

Lack of variety
Run-of-the-mill activities
Mass-produced food
Boring locations
Very expensive

We wanted to build the kind of holiday we would like to go on, so we did. Thankfully, there are plenty of other people just like us who enjoy this kind of holiday too!

healthy holiday healthy holiday healthy holiday

We’re Competitively Priced

With our rooms starting at £699, including all activities, transfers, 5 evening meals and 6 breakfasts, we’re a bargain. Find a better retreat at a price point that even comes close.

We’ll wait….

We’re Experts at This!

Unlike tour operators who offer a thousand different holidays, we offer one type – the Active Retreat. We’ve hosted lots of them already, so we know how this game works! We’ve built up the network, the contacts, the information, the experience and the know-how to deliver an amazing experience for you.

More importantly, our numbers are limited. We do this for a reason – so we can offer you the very best retreat. We have a level of personal service that goes way beyond what many other companies can offer.

Your not a number with the Active Retreat – you’re a guest. Our guest. We’re here to look after you and we will do. You’ll have the healthy holiday you deserve with us.

So if you want to escape the British winter for a week, why not book yourself on to our next retreat and give your mind and body the holiday it deserves? You won’t regret it for a second.

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