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Leave Stress at Home with a Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat

At the Active Retreat one of the things we pride ourselves on is that we help our guests remove their stresses and strains. Our fitness retreat is a complete physical and mental reboot.

We find that a lot of Active Retreat guests book a holiday with us because they’re completely exhausted, stressed out and just need a complete physical and mental reboot. It’s not uncommon for guests to sleep for a lot of the time they’re with us for the first few days – we’re happy with that, we want them to get the rest they need!

So how do we remove your stress on a fitness retreat?

Well, we do this a few different ways…

  1. We make the travelling process as smooth as we can – we collect you from the airport and your transfers are included in the price of the holiday. We’ll take you door to door.
  2. We’ve organised the timetable and we’ve booked you on every single activity – you don’t have to worry about a thing!
  3. Need to get to a venue for the class? Don’t worry about it – we’ve arranged it all for you!
  4. Don’t really fancy a class and would prefer to rest instead? That’s fine – we won’t be beating down your door!
  5. Want to spend time alone? No problem at all – take all the time you need.

Exercise and the environment works well…

Exercise is the best stress reliever there is. The old saying goes, healthy body, healthy mind and it couldn’t be truer. Exercise stimulates the release of feel good chemicals in the brain, meaning you feel instantly better post-exercise. If ever there was a time to enjoy some exercise, it’s during periods of high stress.

It’s also pretty hard to be stressed in this environment…

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura, fitness retreat

You’ll spend plenty of time outside in the fresh air, away from screens, the office, the noise of the city and the grey skies. Hopefully, you’ll see the sunshine, you’ll have fun with like-minded people and you’ll experience new things. All of these add up to make sure your stress disappears!

How Much Exercise?

There’s an image about a fitness retreat that doesn’t reflect the truth – that it’s a punishing schedule of brutal exercise with little to no downtime.

Let’s clear that up now…

The truth is that our schedule has a lot of exercise and activity in there – far more than you’d likely do at home during the week. However, the timetable is designed in such a way that you have plenty of downtime between activities. You also have a balanced timetable, so the tougher days are followed by easier days, for example.

Healthy Holiday Fuerteventura, fitness retreat 

The aim of the Active Retreat is to make you fitter and healthier – not destroy you!

We’re your complete physical and mental reboot. Leave your stress at home – you’re our guest now! Don’t just take my word for it though. Here’s why – this is our basic itinerary for the arrival evening and first day…

  • You arrive at the airport and are greeted by your host, either me (Steve) or Simon.
  • You’re driven DIRECTLY back to the retreat. No long-winded transfer with screaming kids.
  • You’ll be shown to your room and left to relax.
  • In the evening you’ll be served a great meal (welcome tapas) and we have a nice time, getting to know the guests.
  • The week will be explained to you on the first day. Full transparency and clarity. No guesswork.
  • Enjoy a great nights sleep – no traffic, no light pollution, no alarm clocks – a chance to truly unwind.
  • Start your first day with some exercise. After training enjoy a freshly-prepared breakfast.
  • Spend your day as you like – lounging by the pool, catching up on sleep, enjoying the beach etc.
  • Evening, enjoy a yoga class. Restore your energy and stretch out after a perfect day.
  • Shower, then enjoy a chef-cooked two course meal.
  • Relax in the evening with a nice drink either by the pool or in a local bar. 

fitness retreat

Sound good? I’m pretty sure your stress will melt away quickly on our amazing fitness retreat!

If a fitness retreat sounds like your ideal active holiday, why not take a look at the rooms we have available by clicking here.

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