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Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat 2019

It’s the time we start getting excited at the Active Retreat, because the ideas for the next Fuerteventura fitness retreat are coming in thick and fast. We already have the format that we know works, so it’s a case of tweaking our offering to make the next holiday even better!

Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat

Our 2018 retreat was amazing! We had such a great time and learnt a lot. There were a few new additions to the Active Retreat – a new villa, a group BBQ, a new chef, new yoga offering, new bike route etc, but they all went down a storm.

You can read about our 2018 Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat here.

At the Active Retreat, we have a main driving principle – to provide you with an amazing fitness retreat every single time you come with us. It’s why we welcome back visitors time and time again. That level of customer service is unrivalled in the fitness retreat industry, which is why we can be proud of what we do and what we offer.

We still have the most cost-effective Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat on the market and will continue to make it a holiday you’ll love!

What to expect in the Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat 2019…

For our next Fuerteventura fitness retreat we’ve improved our product yet again. We’re maintaining the services of our amazing chef, so the food will be fantastic again.

Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat

We’re going to improve our class offering. We have the space and the ability to put on excellent functional fitness classes, so we’re going to expand our class variety with extra equipment on site. Having planned the classes, we will be adding an extra dimension to our on-site fitness.

The extended bike ride route was a hit and allowed our guests to see a side of Fuerteventura they wouldn’t normally see, so we’re keeping with that. It’s a route that suits all different ability levels, so it works perfectly for us.

Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat

We opted for a complete Yin Yoga practice as a balance to all of the high intensity work we were doing on the fitness retreat and found that it really helped our guests rest, relax and recover well, so that’s staying.

It’s not all about the hard work – a fitness retreat should balance the exercise with the recovery, so the Yin Yoga is the perfect antidote to the circuits, the dune sprints, the surfing, the bike riding and the stand up paddle boarding!

Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat

We’ve got a special treat in line for our guests on the final day of the 2019 fitness retreats too – a private boat charter, full of food, activities and a tour of the tropical bays around the Island of Lobos, just off the Fuerteventura coast. It’s a day you’ll remember forever!

An Extended Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat!

For the first time ever in Active Retreat history, we are now offering guests the option to stay for two weeks!

If you prefer your holidays a little longer, we can now accommodate our guests for two consecutive weeks, which will save you money over a single week. The benefit of this is you get to enjoy a lot more of the winter sun, but additionally you will have a whole extra week of relaxation, yoga, exercise and fantastic, healthy food.

An early Christmas gift to yourself!

Fuerteventura Fitness Retreat Booking

If you like what you’ve seen and heard about the Active Retreat and think it sounds like your kind of holiday, you look around the website for more information, or you can get in touch with directly so we can give you the answers to any questions you may have!

The dates for the 2019 Fuerteventura Fitness Retreats are 26th October – 2nd November and 2nd November – 9th of November.

For more information or to book, contact us on Enquiries@theactiveretreat.net or call us directly of 07866361964!

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