Fuerteventura fitness holidays

Fuerteventura Fitness Holidays – Why The Active Retreat Leads the Pack!

The fitness holiday market is growing all of the time, as holiday providers have realised that there are people out there who want to do some exercise whilst on holiday. Now holiday companies have understood this, there are a lot of Fuerteventura fitness holidays on the market.

Here’s why The Active Retreat is the best one…

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

The Active Retreat is Professional and Experienced…

We’ve been running Fuerteventura fitness holidays since 2015. This isn’t new to us – we’ve learned each time, we’ve refined our product, our activities and our logistics.

As hosts, we (Steve and Simon) have spent a long time on Fuerteventura. We know the area, we know the roads, the networks, the towns, the restaurants, the bars and the beaches to make sure you have an amazing holiday. We take the guess workout of the holiday for you.

When it comes to activities, at the Active Retreat we book the very best. Our fitness classes are varied, challenging and interesting! Our yoga teachers have thousands of hours teaching experience. Our surf instructors are experienced, patient and qualified. When we hire bikes, they’re great bikes. Our route is fantastic.

Finally, any holiday, especially Fuerteventura fitness holidays, live and die by their food and accommodation….

The Active Retreat Has the BEST Food!

We take our food seriously. Very seriously!

We’ve both done a lot of travelling and a key part of the experience for us is the food. We want to eat food that is local, tastes great and on a fitness holiday, aligns with the ethos of the retreat. We don’t mean we live off nothing but salad whilst we’re there, but the food is natural, healthy and tasty.

Our chef, Liz, spent three years catering for people at a Yoga and Pilates centre before joining us, so she has a LOT of experience making amazing food for hungry guests!

From home made yogurts and smoothies to vibrant salads, Liz does it all. We have slow-cooked meats, home made breads and even a BBQ on the final night. You won’t even realise you’re eating healthy food whilst you’re with us!

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

Our food on the active retreat will not be matched a fitness holiday anywhere else!

The Active Retreat has the Most Varied Activities

When we started running Fuerteventura fitness holidays, we did so with an aim in mind – to offer the kind of holidays we’d love to go on. There are lots of fitness holidays available, but so many of them are just single-discipline, such as yoga.

We wanted to offer our guests a holiday that included all kinds of different activities, so we’ve gone above and beyond. This isn’t a yoga holiday, a cycling holiday, a walking holiday etc – it’s an Active Retreat. You’ll head to a beautiful island where you’ll experience circuit classes, dune workouts, surfing, cycling, yoga, Pilates, Stand Up Paddleboarding and hiking.

Take a look at our activities here.

On our Fuerteventura fitness holidays we take advantage of nature – we train outdoors where we can and we use the amazing environment as our gym! I doubt you’ll be enjoying outdoor workouts in the sunshine at home much, especially in November!

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

The BEST Service of Any Fitness Holiday

One of the criticisms of fitness holidays is that it can feel impersonal – you only see the instructors for a the classes, then they disappear.

At the Active Retreat, that’s not how we operate. We’re hosts, you’re our guests. From the personal collection at the airport to the driving around the island, Active Retreat guests are treated to a level of service they just won’t find elsewhere.

We stay on site with our guests, we’re on hand to answer and questions and to explain what we do and how we’ll do it. We know our way around the island and we can offer advice on places to go and things to do and see. It’s a cliche, but you may arrive as a stranger, but you’ll leave as a friend!

We take you to ALL of your activities, no matter where they are on the island. We also pick you up, so you can relax knowing that all of your transport needs are taken care of.

When your time on your Fuerteventura fitness holiday is over, we’ll personally drop you off at the airport. No need to worry about transfers or travel. We’ve taken care of it for you.

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

Location Location Location

Fuerteventura is the perfect place for a fitness holiday – especially if you know where to stay!

The villa we use on the Active Retreat is private, has no attached neighbours and no light pollution. If you want a little more nightlife, you can head down for a 3 minute walk into the local town centre and you’ll be met with an array of surf bars, burger places and general restaurants. Whether it’s food or drink you’re after, you’re covered.

We’ve also got a local supermarket in the town, as well as fantastic cafes where they make and sell great coffee and local Spanish pastries. Not to be missed!

The other fantastic thing about where we base our Fuerteventura fitness holidays is that we’re centralised – everything that we want and need is a short drive away. We’re equidistant from the best beaches on the island, we’re close by to all of our classes and our commute to and from the airport is an easy one.

Essentially, it means you can spend more time enjoying your holiday because you’re not in the car for long!

The Active Retreat Respects Your Freedom!

At the Active Retreat we totally respect your freedom. You’re here to enjoy a holiday and a rest. When you book with us you’re on holiday, not forced labour. In booking Fuerteventura fitness holidays with the Active Retreat you’re automatically included in every activity we offer – if you don’t fancy doing one, that’s fine. Nobody is going to force you into it.

Think you’d prefer a lie in to a morning class? No problem – enjoy a lie in! Want to have an afternoon nap rather than do the bike ride? That’s fine! It’s your holiday, you choose what you’d like to do.

Our villa is big enough that you can head off into a quiet corner and the gardens are big enough that you can find a hammock to rest and relax in – you can be as sociable or as reclusive as you wish to be! If you can’t have a beer in a hammock on holiday, when can you?!

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

We know from both research and information from our guests that other fitness holidays have a very regimented structure. We’re not like that – we give you a timetable of when the classes and activities are taking place and you just let us know if you’re coming or not!

The Active Retreat is Hosted in a Great Villa!

When you book Fuerteventura fitness holidays with us, you can rest assured that you’re staying in a great place.

We run our holidays from a private villa. We do this for lots of reasons, both practical and personal. We personally believe that the kind of fitness holiday we offer is better hosted from a place where we can control the privacy of our guests. You’ll have privacy, great food and you’ll be able to sleep well in a very relaxing setting.

Our villa is modern, spacious, clean and comfortable. We have free wifi throughout, a fully equipped kitchen, a cooling pool for you to take a dip, plus plenty of space outside to relax – hammocks, decking and sun beds all around the outside space. There’s also a TV and DVD player for you to use during your stay.

Take a look at the images of the villa on the website.

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

The Active Retreat has the Best Prices!

Fuerteventura fitness holidays all come in at different price points, but there aren’t any that can get close to us on price. We don’t increase our prices during the school holidays (we don’t believe parents or teachers should be punished for something out of their hands), so that’s not a worry for you.

We’ve got the widest variety of activities, a great villa, wonderful food and despite all of that, we can still offer you a Fuerteventura fitness holiday for an incredible price – our rooms start at £699 per week, which includes 7 breakfasts, 5 evening meals and ALL of your activities!

Fuerteventura fitness holidays

If what you’ve read about our Fuerteventura fitness holidays has piqued your interest, why not get in touch with us on enquiries@theactiveretreat.net? We promise you won’t regret it!

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