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How a Fitness Holiday is the BEST Health Kick Start

If you feel as though you’re treading water when it comes to your health, read how a fitness holiday is the best health kick start there is…

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When you’re stuck in a rut, the best way to change is to set a clear goal and then take some MASSIVE action to achieve it. I remember hearing this advice whilst listening to a Tony Robbins CD in my car years ago. It was given to me by a personal training client during a time when I was pondering my next career move.

It’s a lesson I’ve always stuck to. When I wanted to set up my business, I worked in the background to build a basic client base, then handed in my notice at work. It was the massive action that I needed to motivate me to fully commit to it.

As a personal trainer, I see the same thing with people who want to improve their health and fitness. The ones who succeed in the long term are those who take the biggest action and make a genuine commitment…

After thinking about it for a while, they’ll run through different options. They’ll do some research because they’ve decided they’re going to do this, so want to get it right. They hire a personal trainer, alter their diet and habits, take on board the advice. These people have made a wide-ranging commitment and usually make a success of their change.

Those who dip a toe into the health and fitness world seldom make any lasting change…

They’ll tentatively book onto a class, usually with little research and don’t really know what they’re doing. They booked on a whim, without going through the mental process of “do I really want to change?” “Am I ready for this?” “Am I willing to make the required sacrifices to succeed?” The class won’t be what they expected, they’ll be sore for a few days, feel crap about it and revert to type.

On the Active Retreat, we’ve had guests use the fitness holiday in Fuerteventura as the ideal kickstart to a healthy life. It’s been a deep immersion into a new way of living, providing the perfect springboard into new habits.

Why is a fitness holiday the best way to kickstart a healthy life?

A fitness holiday is a total immersion into a healthy life, but it’s delivered in such a way that you have your hand held throughout the process.

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Starting a health kick and fitness regime isn’t as simple as turning up to the gym and getting a sweat on. There’s a number of questions to ask yourself, for example…

  • What exercise do I enjoy?
  • Should I hire a personal trainer?
  • Is there a class near my home or work I can attend?
  • Do I have the right kit?
  • How will I change my diet?

The great thing about the Active Retreat is that it removes literally all of the obstacles from living a healthy live that you may come across.

Unsure what kind of exercise you’d like? We’ve taken care of it for you!

We have a huge variety of classes – you’ll do circuit training, weight training, outdoor sprints, yoga and pilates. We ride bikes, go walking and even take surfing and stand up paddle board (SUP) lessons. There’s a huge amount of variety on the retreat – so much so that you’ll experience exercise you’re unlikely be doing at home!

Our fitness holiday is an immersion into fitness of all kinds, we’re not a one-trick pony!

Obstacles – effort, confusion, motivation, fatigue are REMOVED!

You’re not at work, you’re away from stress and you’ve got the holiday feeling! You’ll sleep well, so lack of energy won’t be an issue. You’ll also have the motivation of people around you and the guidance of the trainer, so you’ll know what to do and how to do it.

You won’t need to worry whether you’re doing things correctly because the instructors can help you with that! A fitness holiday is only as good as the coaching, so we’re there to help!

It’s your complete focus…

There are three things you need to take care of if you’re going to be healthy…. Your activity, your nutrition and your recovery. We take care of all of them. We’ve timetabled tough but appropriate exercise. We’ve arranged some fantastic, healthy food and plenty of time for you to relax and recover.

You won’t have work, rush hour, stress, strains, housework etc taking up your time, effort and attention.

Healthy eating proving a challenge? Not for now…

On the Active Retreat you’re cooked for. We’ve removed another obstacle. For the week you’re with us you can pick up inspiration, tips and advice on healthy eating. You can relax, knowing that you’ll be able to eat lots of healthy, nourishing food without any of the effort required to prepare it.

Another example of how we make healthy living easy for you. Eat well, feel well.

The Active Retreat – Your Immersion into Health

The best way to learn a new language is through immersion – throw yourself into an environment where you can’t escape it, where you’re forced to use it and learn it. This in-at-the-deep-end approach means you can’t help but be influenced by your environment.

health kickstart, fitness holiday

It’s the same for health – if you join us on the Active Retreat where you’re encouraged, motivated and supported, it makes the process so much easier. Healthy eating is effortless, you’re exercising multiple times per week, you’re sleeping well, you’re laughing and feeling great. Your peers will be training, sharing the experience. You’ll train together, laugh together, eat together and socialise together.

How can you not improve your health in that fitness holiday environment?!

For more information or to book on the Active Retreat, contact us on We’d love for you to join us!

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