why is the active retreat in fuerteventura

Why is the Active Retreat in Fuerteventura?

There’s a whole world out there, so why did we pick Fuerteventura as the base for the Active Retreat? We had options on mainland Spain, in Cornwall, in North Wales and even in Southern Italy, so why pick where we did?

Hopefully this little blog post will help you to understand our decision by showing you five of the main reasons the Active Retreat is in Fuerteventura …

The Amazing Canary Islands Weather…

Fundamental to the experience of a holiday is the weather. We need it to be warm, but not baking hot. We also need rain to be kept to a minimum. Where rain doesn’t ruin the experience, it’s not always a welcome guest. Thankfully, Fuerteventura rarely lets us down. With an average rainfall of less than 17 days (the UK has 0ver 100), we can almost be sure of dry days!

why is the active retreat in fuerteventura

why is the active retreat in fuerteventura

Even during the winter retreats we expect temperatures of over 20 degrees in the day.

Brilliant Access to Facilities

On the Active Retreat, the world is our gym. Of course we do gym-based classes, but we also like to make the exercise varied, using the natural environment to enrich the experience of our guests.

The reality is, most of us are used to exercising in gyms, sports halls and studios. On the Active Retreat we mix things up, get outside and enjoy exercising in nature. We immerse ourselves in new challenges and experiences. One of the finest examples of the outdoor workouts we do are the dune runs…

We also have a deal with a local CrossFit gym, where can use the facility privately. It means we have the full access to the place and don’t have to adjust our workouts around other people, we can just do what we want to do. It’s a fantastic gym, perfectly set up for our needs on the Active Retreat.

It has a great selection of barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, racks, blocks, rowers, tyres etc, meaning we can do all of the kinds of workouts that we know are proven to improve strength and conditioning quickly and effectively. It’s a gym where we get a real sweat on and leave feeling fantastic.

Best part is… It’s only a few minutes walk away from the villa!

why is the active retreat in fuerteventura

It’s Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean…

On the Active Retreat we include a surf lesson and a stand up paddleboarding lesson. Fuerteventura has the perfect conditions for both – really consistent, year round surf and warm, crystal clear waters.

Whether it’s the early season retreat (April) or the late season retreat (November), the air temperature will be in the mid twenties and the sea temperature will be warm enough to enjoy in just a pair of shorts or a bikini! You can swim there comfortably, using it as a chance to cool down from the sunshine.

On the SUP and surfing days, we give you a wetsuit because we’ll be in the water for a few hours, but I’ve surfed without the wetsuit for 4 hours and been absolutely fine!

why is the active retreat in fuerteventura

In the downtime on the retreat a lot of people like to head to the beach to relax. If you’re like me and enjoy a swim, when you duck down under water you’ll see the amazing aquatic life on the island – all kinds of tropical fish and plants, just going about their business. It’s like having your own natural aquarium down there and the fact that the water is absolutely crystal clear means your visibility is impressively far

The Relaxed Pace of Life…

Fuerteventura has a population density of 62 per square kilometre – compare that to London, with a population density of 5,590 and it’s easy to understand the difference in the pace of life. It’s the perfect retreat destination for this reason – the roads are less, there’s no light pollution, no noise pollution and no 24/7 emergency services vehicle noise.

Rush hour is a handful of cars on their way to work in the morning. There’s a siesta every day and lunch time is a slow, relaxed affair that takes a couple of hours. It’s a great way to pass the time chatting to friends and enjoying each others company – quite different from throwing a packet sandwich down your neck, whilst sat at your desk, frantically trying to keep on top of your email traffic.

Need I say more?!

The Nightlife…

Although primarily the Active Retreat is a holiday focussed on health and fitness, having plenty of fun in your down time is still fundamental to your experience!

Fuerteventura is set up to deliver just that. It’s a popular place, but we visit it out of peak season, so all the bars and restaurants are open, but the main crowds have disappeared. It means we can enjoy all of the nightlife with none of the crowds – whether you’re a pub person, a restaurant person, a bar person or even a fan of clubs, Fuerteventura has them all.

The food is great, with everything from traditional Spanish tapas, through to steaks, pizzas, health food specialists and cuisine from all corners of the globe. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

We make a point of heading into Corralejo on at least a couple of the nights to enjoy a few sociable drinks in the evening, so you’ll be able to enjoy the nightlife for yourself.

Why is the Active Retreat in Fuerteventura?

Amazing weather, great facilities, the Atlantic Ocean, the relaxed pace of life, the fantastic nightlife and a whole load of other reasons – the Active Retreat is in Fuerteventura because it’s the PERFECT location for an amazing health holiday!

See Fuerteventura for yourself…

If the descriptions sound good, or perhaps even exaggerated, why not take a little look at the video below? It’s made by Expedia, not us, so is completely independent. I’m fairly sure you’ll believe the claims I’ve made after watching this little video…

For more information on Fuerteventura, click here.

Finally, if you’re interested in booking on our next Active Retreat, get in touch at Enquiries@theactiveretreat.net. We can’t wait to meet you and give you the best active holiday you’ve ever had!


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