solo travelling to fuerteventura

Solo Travelling to Fuerteventura? We’re Perfect For You!

One of the questions we are asked at the Active Retreat is “does it matter if I’m travelling alone?” The honest answer is an absolute, categorical NO! If you are solo travelling to Fuerteventura, we’re the perfect place for you.

Solo travelling to Fuerteventura can be utter joy – at the Active Retreat over 90% of our guests are solo travelling, so we’re used to providing an immersive holiday to people who are slightly nervous about travelling on their own.

Solo Travelling to Fuerteventura

Why The Active Retreat is Perfect for Solo Travellers

The Active Retreat is designed with the guest needs in mind. We take away the stresses of travel and leave you to enjoy the fun parts.

When you arrive somewhere new you have the usual problems – you don’t know your way around, you don’t know what’s fun to do, you don’t know where the best places to eat are, where the shops are etc. If you’re solo travelling, you can’t share those worries with anyone, nor do you have any help figuring those things out. It’s a potential added stress.

The thing is, on the Active Retreat we take care of that. We know the answers to those questions, so you can relax. We know where the shops are and we can take you to them.

On the excursions, we do the hard work – we do the bookings and we take you to the locations. We’re about reducing the stress of your trip. We know where the shops are, the best beaches and the best places for night life. If you’re solo travelling to Fuerteventura and want a stress free holiday, give us a shout. We’ve got you covered.

Fitness Holidays – Ideal for the Solo Traveller

There’s a deep bond that is created by shared experiences. Being on a fitness holiday increases that bond – you are sharing exercise, eating together and exploring together. You’re having fun as a collective and that helps to break any ice.

There’s the other, more obvious reason that a fitness holiday is perfect for the solo traveller – you’re meeting like-minded people!

Those who have booked a fitness holiday are certain to have at least some shared interests and a love of travel, meaning some of the raw materials for friendships are already in place. It’s a cliche, but so many friendships have been made between our guests – it’s why we have so many repeat customers. We’re still in various WhatsApp groups with previous guests, some going back to 2015!

Solo Travelling in Fuerteventura – Without the Loneliness!

We like to think we offer solo travellers a foot in both camps – you can have all the benefits of holidaying alone, but you’ve got a ready-made social group on hand if you need it.

You’ve also got the security of knowing there are people on hand to answer any questions you may have, such as how to get to various places, or where to catch a bus from. If you’d like to head off to explore on your own, you can. If you’d prefer to do that in a group, you can join in with some of our impromptu trips to various spots on the island – we love to show guests some of what Fuerteventura has to offer, enriching their experience even further.

It’s one thing to hear about the amazing sand dunes/tropical waters/lagoons/volcanoes – it’s quite another to go and see them for yourself!

It’s what we mean when we say that at the Active Retreat we offer an immersive holiday. Our guests are immersed in the exercise, the healthy food, the exploring of Fuerteventura, the friendships and the relaxation element of what we offer.

If you’re solo travelling and Fuerteventura is on your list, get in touch and see how the Active Retreat is the perfect holiday for you!

solo travelling to fuerteventura

We’re a world away from the ‘drop and flop’ package tours, where you don’t leave a pool side. You could be anywhere in the world on those holidays, if all you see is a pool and a bar, you don’t explore the country you’re in. You’ll eat the same food that you do at home wand watch your time in the sun pass by without doing anything exciting.

Those kind of holidays are a day in, day out cycle of boring routine. We’re quite opposite – no two days are the same on the Active Retreat!

If you’re interested in hearing more about why the Active Retreat is the perfect holiday for you if you’re solo travelling to Fuerteventura, get in touch with us by emailing on

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